Photo Gallery

Ready for a Swim

Ready for a 2-mile ocean swim.

Richard & Grand Kids

Richard hiking with his grandsons in the Mojave Desert.


Richard with two trainers at his Palm Springs gym.

Scooter Time

Posing on a friend’s scooter – not brave enough for that past-time.

Slalom Skiing

Richard slalom waterskiing on Lake Champlain, Vermont.

Richard with DR Field & Brush Mower

Richard with DR Field & Brush Mower. Richard was co-founder and owner of Country Home Products, Vergennes, Vermont, builders and direct-marketers of DR Power Equipment.

Summers on Lake

Summers on Lake, Champlain, Vermont–sailing, swimming, it’s all about life on the water.

The Grand Kids

Richard’s daughter with her two boys.


Hiking in the Indian Canyons of Palm Springs, California.

Dress up in Palm Springs


Billy front-row-center under the tree at Christmas.